Use wireless network with daily psk

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ℹ️ Info: This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


This script is supposed to provide a wifi network which changes the passphrase to a pseudo-random string daily.

Sample notification

daily-psk notification

Requirements and installation

Just install this script.

Depending on whether you use CAPsMAN (/caps-man) or local wireless interface (/interface/wireless) you need to install a different script.


$ScriptInstallUpdate daily-psk.capsman;

For local interface:

$ScriptInstallUpdate daily-psk.local;

And add schedulers to run the script:

/system/scheduler/add interval=1d name=daily-psk-nightly on-event="/system/script/run daily-psk.local;" start-date=may/23/2018 start-time=03:00:00;
/system/scheduler/add name=daily-psk-startup on-event="/system/script/run daily-psk.local;" start-time=startup;

These will update the passphrase on boot and nightly at 3:00.


The configuration goes to global-config-overlay, these are the parameters:

  • DailyPskMatchComment: pattern to match the wireless access list comment
  • DailyPskSecrets: an array with pseudo random strings

Then add an access list entry:

/interface/wireless/access-list/add comment="Daily PSK" interface=wl-daily private-pre-shared-key="ToBeChangedDaily";

Also notification settings are required for e-mail, matrix and/or telegram.

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