Send notifications via e-mail

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ℹ️️ Info: This module can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


This module adds support for sending notifications via e-mail. A queue is used to make sure notifications are not lost on failure but sent later.

Requirements and installation

Just install the module:

$ScriptInstallUpdate mod/notification-email;

Also you need a valid e-mail account with smtp login credentials.


Set up your device's e-mail settings. Also make sure the device has correct time configured, best is to set up the ntp client.

Then edit global-config-overlay, add EmailGeneralTo with a valid recipient address. Finally reload the configuration.

Sending to several recipients

Sending notifications to several recipients is possible as well. Add EmailGeneralCc on top, which can have a single mail address or a comma separated list.

Usage and invocation

There's nothing special to do. Every script or function sending a notification will now send it to your e-mail account.

But of course you can send notifications directly or use a function in your own scripts. Give it a try:

$SendEMail "Subject..." "Body..."

Alternatively this sends a notification with all available and configured methods:

$SendNotification "Subject..." "Body..."

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