Send notifications via Telegram

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ℹ️️ Info: This module can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


This module adds support for sending notifications via Telegram via bot api. A queue is used to make sure notifications are not lost on failure but sent later.

Requirements and installation

Just install the module:

$ScriptInstallUpdate mod/notification-telegram;

Also install Telegram on at least one of your mobile and/or desktop devices and create an account.


Open Telegram, then start a chat with BotFather and create your own bot:

create new bot

Now open a chat with your bot and start it by clicking the START button.

Open just another chat with GetIDs Bot, again start with the START button. It will send you some information, including the id, just below You.

Finally edit global-config-overlay, add TelegramTokenId with the token from BotFather and TelegramChatId with your id from GetIDs Bot. Then reload the configuration.

Notifications to a group

Sending notifications to a group is possible as well. Add your bot and the GetIDs Bot to a group, then use the group's id (which starts with a dash) for TelegramChatId. Then remove GetIDs Bot from group.

Usage and invocation

There's nothing special to do. Every script or function sending a notification will now send it to your Telegram account.

But of course you can send notifications directly or use a function in your own scripts. Give it a try:

$SendTelegram "Subject..." "Body..."

Alternatively this sends a notification with all available and configured methods:

$SendNotification "Subject..." "Body..."

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