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"`--- hotspot-to-wpa above ---`") is added. Move this entry to define where new
entries are to be added.
-Usage and invocation
Create hotspot login credentials:
/ ip hotspot user add add comment="Test User 1" name=user1 password=v3ry;
/ ip hotspot user add add comment="Test User 2" name=user2 password=s3cr3t;
+Additionally templates can be created to give more options for access list:
+* `private-passphrase`: do **not** use passphrase from hotspot's user
+ credentials, but given one - or unset (use default passphrase) with
+ special word `ignore`
+* `ssid-regexp`: set a different SSID regular expression to match
+* `vlan-id`: connect device to specific VLAN
+* `vlan-mode`: set the VLAN mode for device
+For a hotspot called `example` the template could look like this:
+ / caps-man access-list add comment="hotspot-to-wpa template example" disabled=yes private-passphrase="ignore" ssid-regexp="^example\$" vlan-id=10 vlan-mode=use-tag;
+The same settings are available in hotspot user's comment and take precedence
+over the template settings:
+ / ip hotspot user add comment="private-passphrase=ignore, ssid-regexp=^example\\\$, vlan-id=10, vlan-mode=use-tag" name=user password=v3ry-s3cr3t;
+Usage and invocation
Now let the users connect and login to the hotspot. After that the devices
(identified by MAC address) can connect to the WPA2 network, using the
passphrase from hotspot credentials.