Visualize OSPF state via LEDs

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🛈 This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


Physical interfaces have their state LEDs, software-defined connectivity does not. This script helps to visualize whether or not an OSPF instance is running.

Requirements and installation

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate ospf-to-leds;

... and add a scheduler to run the script periodically:

/ system scheduler add interval=20s name=ospf-to-leds on-event="/ system script run ospf-to-leds;" start-time=startup;


The configuration goes to OSPF instance's comment. To visualize state for instance default via LED user-led set this:

/ routing ospf instance set default comment="ospf-to-leds, leds=user-led";

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