Notify on host up and down

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This script sends notifications about host UP and DOWN events. In comparison to just netwatch (/ tool netwatch) and its up-script and down-script this script implements a simple state machine. Host down events are triggered only if the host is down for several checks to avoid false alerts.

Requirements and installation

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate netwatch-notify;

Then add a scheduler to run it periodically:

/ system scheduler add interval=1m name=netwatch-notify on-event="/ system script run netwatch-notify;" start-time=startup;


The hosts to be checked have to be added to netwatch with specific comment:

/ tool netwatch add comment="notify, hostname=example.com" host=[ :resolve "example.com" ] timeout=5s;

It is possible to run an up hook command (up-hook) or down hook command (down-hook) when a notification is triggered. This has to be added in comment:

/ tool netwatch add comment="notify, hostname=poe-device, down-hook=/ interface ethernet poe power-cycle en21;" host= timeout=5s;

The count threshould (default is 5 checks) is configurable as well:

/ tool netwatch add comment="notify, hostname=example.com, count=10" host= timeout=5s;

Also notification settings are required for e-mail and telegram.

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