Manage LEDs dark mode

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These scripts control LEDs mode and allow to run your device completely dark. Hardware support for dark mode is required.

Requirements and installation

Just install the scripts:

$ScriptInstallUpdate leds-day-mode,leds-night-mode,leds-toggle-mode;

Usage and invocation

To switch the device to dark mode:

/ system script run leds-night-mode;

... and back to normal mode:

/ system script run leds-day-mode;

To toggle between the two modes:

/ system script run leds-toggle-mode;

Add these schedulers to switch to dark mode in the evening and back to normal mode in the morning:

/ system scheduler add interval=1d name=leds-day-mode on-event="/ system script run leds-day-mode;" start-time=07:00:00;
/ system scheduler add interval=1d name=leds-night-mode on-event="/ system script run leds-night-mode;" start-time=21:00:00;

The script leds-toggle-mode can be used from mode button to toggle mode.

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