Use WPA2 network with hotspot credentials

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🛈 This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


RouterOS supports an unlimited number of MAC address specific passphrases for WPA2 encrypted wifi networks via access list. The idea of this script is to transfer hotspot credentials to MAC address specific WPA2 passphrase.

Requirements and installation

You need a properly configured hotspot on one (open) SSID and a WP2 enabled SSID with suffix "-wpa".

Then install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate hotspot-to-wpa;

Configure your hotspot to use this script as on-login script:

/ ip hotspot user profile set on-login=hotspot-to-wpa [ find ];

Automatic cleanup

With just hotspot-to-wpa installed the mac addresses will last in the access list forever. Install the optional script for automatic cleanup:

$ScriptInstallUpdate hotspot-to-wpa-cleanup,lease-script;

Create a scheduler:

/ system scheduler add interval=1d name=hotspot-to-wpa-cleanup on-event="/ system script run hotspot-to-wpa-cleanup;" start-time=startup;

And add the lease script to your wpa interfaces' dhcp server:

/ ip dhcp-server set lease-script=lease-script [ find where name~"wpa" ];


On first run a disabled access list entry acting as marker (with comment "--- hotspot-to-wpa above ---") is added. Move this entry to define where new entries are to be added.

Usage and invocation

Create hotspot login credentials:

/ ip hotspot user add add comment="Test User 1" name=user1 password=v3ry;
/ ip hotspot user add add comment="Test User 2" name=user2 password=s3cr3t;

Now let the users connect and login to the hotspot. After that the devices (identified by MAC address) can connect to the WPA2 network, using the passphrase from hotspot credentials.

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