Collect MAC addresses in wireless access list

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🛈 This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


This script adds unknown MAC addresses of connected wireless devices to address list. In addition a notification is sent.

By default the access list entry is disabled, but you can easily enable and modify it to your needs.

Sample notification

collect-wireless-mac notification

Requirements and installation

Depending on whether you use CAPsMAN (/ caps-man) or local wireless interface (/ interface wireless) you need to install a different script.


$ScriptInstallUpdate collect-wireless-mac.capsman;

For local interface:

$ScriptInstallUpdate collect-wireless-mac.local;


On first run a disabled access list entry acting as marker (with comment "--- collected above ---") is added. Move this entry to define where new entries are to be added.

Also notification settings are required for e-mail, matrix and/or telegram.

Usage and invocation

Run this script from a dhcp server as lease-script to collect the MAC address when a new address is leased. You may want to use lease-script.

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