Notify on RouterOS update

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The primary use of this script is to notify about RouterOS updates.

Run from a terminal you can start the update process or schedule it.

Centrally managing update process of several devices is possibly by specifying versions safe to be updated on a web server.

Also installing patch updates (where just last digit is increased) automatically is supported.

Requirements and installation

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate check-routeros-update;

And add a scheduler for automatic update notification:

/ system scheduler add interval=1d name=check-routeros-update on-event="/ system script run check-routeros-update;" start-time=startup;


Configuration is required only if you want to control update process with safe versions from a web server. The configuration goes to global-config-overlay, this is the parameter:

  • SafeUpdateUrl: url to check for safe update, the channel (long-term, stable or testing) is appended
  • SafeUpdatePatch: install patch updates automatically

Usage and invocation

Be notified when run from scheduler or run it manually:

/ system script run check-routeros-update;

If an update is found you can install it right away.

Installing script packages-update gives extra options.

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