Notify about health state

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This script is run from scheduler periodically, sending notification on health related events:

  • voltage jumps up or down more than configured threshold
  • power supply failed or recovered
  • temperature is above or below threshold

Note that bad initial state will not trigger an event.

Only sensors available in hardware can be checked. See what your hardware supports:

/ system health print;

Requirements and installation

Just install the script and create a scheduler:

$ScriptInstallUpdate check-health;
/ system scheduler add interval=1m name=check-health on-event="/ system script run check-health;" start-time=startup;


The configuration goes to global-config-overlay, These are the parameters:

  • CheckHealthTemperature: an array specifying temperature thresholds for sensors
  • CheckHealthVoltagePercent: percentage value to trigger voltage jumps

Also notification settings are required for e-mail and telegram.

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