Renew certificates and notify on expiration

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This script tries to download and renew certificates, then notifies about certificates that are still about to expire.

Requirements and installation

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate check-certificates;


The expiry notifications just require notification settings for e-mail and telegram.

For automatic download and renewal of certificates you need configuration in global-config-overlay, these are the parameters:

  • CertRenewPass: an array of passphrases to try
  • CertRenewUrl: the url to download certificates from

Certificates on the web server should be named CN.pem (PEM format) or CN.p12 (PKCS#12 format).

Usage and invocation

Just run the script:

/ system script run check-certificates;

... or create a scheduler for periodic execution:

/ system scheduler add interval=1d name=check-certificates on-event="/ system script run check-certificates;" start-time=startup;

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