Download packages for CAP upgrade from CAPsMAN

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ℹ️ Info: This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


CAPsMAN can upgrate CAP devices. If CAPsMAN device and CAP device(s) are differnet architecture you need to store packages for CAP device's architecture on local storage.

This script automatically downloads these packages.

Requirements and installation

Make sure you have the package-path set in your CAPsMAN configuration, as that is where packages are downloaded to and where the system expects them.

Then just install the script on CAPsMAN device. Depending on whether you use wifi package (/interface/wifi) or legacy wifi with CAPsMAN (/caps-man) you need to install a different script.

For wifi:

$ScriptInstallUpdate capsman-download-packages.wifi;

For legacy CAPsMAN:

$ScriptInstallUpdate capsman-download-packages.capsman;

Optionally add a scheduler to run after startup. For wifi:

/system/scheduler/add name=capsman-download-packages on-event="/system/script/run capsman-download-packages.wifi;" start-time=startup;

For legacy CAPsMAN:

/system/scheduler/add name=capsman-download-packages on-event="/system/script/run capsman-download-packages.capsman;" start-time=startup;

Packages available in local storage in older version are downloaded unconditionally.

If no packages are found the script downloads a default set of packages:

  • wifi: routeros and wifi-qcom for arm and arm64, wifi-qcom-ac for arm
  • legacy CAPsMAN: routeros and wireless for arm and mipsbe

ℹ️ Info: If you have packages in the directory and things go wrong for what ever unknown reason: Remove all packages and start over.

Usage and invocation

Run the script manually:

/system/script/run capsman-download-packages.wifi;

... or from scheduler.

After package download all out-of-date CAP devices are upgraded automatically. For a rolling upgrade install extra script capsman-rolling-upgrade.

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