Install LTE firmware upgrade

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This script upgrades LTE firmware on compatible devices:

  • R11e-LTE
  • R11e-LTE-US
  • R11e-4G
  • R11e-LTE6

A temporary scheduler is created to be independent from terminal. Thus starting the upgrade process over the broadband connection is supported.

Requirements and installation

The firmware is downloaded over the air, so a working broadband connection on the lte interface to be updated is required! Having internet access from different gateway is not sufficient!

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate unattended-lte-firmware-upgrade;

Usage and invocation

Run the script if an upgrade for your LTE hardware is available:

/system/script/run unattended-lte-firmware-upgrade;

Then be patient, go for a coffee and wait for the upgrade process to finish.

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