Download script and run it once

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ℹ️️ Info: This module can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


This module adds a function that downloads a script, checks for syntax validity and runs it once.

Requirements and installation

Just install the module:

$ScriptInstallUpdate mod/scriptrunonce;


The optional configuration goes to global-config-overlay.

  • ScriptRunOnceBaseUrl: base url, prepended to parameter
  • ScriptRunOnceUrlSuffix: url suffix, appended to parameter

If the parameter passed to the function is not a complete URL (starting with protocol ftp://, http://, https:// or sftp://) the values are prepended and appended.

Usage and invocation

The function $ScriptRunOnce expects an URL (or name if ScriptRunOnceBaseUrl is given) pointing to a script as parameter.

$ScriptRunOnce https://git.eworm.de/cgit/routeros-scripts/plain/doc/mod/scriptrunonce.d/hello-world.rsc;


Giving multiple scripts is possible, separated by comma.

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