Run rolling CAP upgrades from CAPsMAN

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ℹ️ Info: This script can not be used on its own but requires the base installation. See main README for details.


CAPsMAN can upgrade CAP devices. This script runs a rolling upgrade for out-of-date CAP devices. The idea is to have just a fraction of devices reboot at a time, having the others to serve wireless connectivity.

Note that the script does not wait for the CAPs to reconnect, it just defers the upgrade commands. The more CAPs you have the more will upgrade in parallel.

Requirements and installation

Just install the script:

$ScriptInstallUpdate capsman-rolling-upgrade;

Usage and invocation

This script is intended as an add-on to capsman-download-packages, being invoked by that script when required.

Alternatively run it manually:

/system/script/run capsman-rolling-upgrade;

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