Initial commands

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⚠️ Warning: These command are inteneded for initial setup. If you are not aware of the procedure please follow the long way in detail.

Run the complete base installation:

  /tool/fetch "https://git.eworm.de/cgit/routeros-scripts/plain/certs/R3.pem" dst-path="letsencrypt-R3.pem" as-value;
  :delay 1s;
  /certificate/import file-name=letsencrypt-R3.pem passphrase="";
  :if ([ :len [ /certificate/find where fingerprint="67add1166b020ae61b8f5fc96813c04c2aa589960796865572a3c7e737613dfd" or fingerprint="96bcec06264976f37460779acf28c5a7cfe8a3c0aae11a8ffcee05c0bddf08c6" ] ] != 2) do={
    :error "Something is wrong with your certificates!";
  /file/remove "letsencrypt-R3.pem";
  :delay 1s;
  :foreach Script in={ "global-config"; "global-config-overlay"; "global-functions" } do={
    /system/script/add name=$Script source=([ /tool/fetch check-certificate=yes-without-crl ("https://git.eworm.de/cgit/routeros-scripts/plain/" . $Script) output=user as-value]->"data");
  /system/script { run global-config; run global-functions; };
  /system/scheduler/add name="global-scripts" start-time=startup on-event="/system/script { run global-config; run global-functions; }";
  :global CertificateNameByCN;
  $CertificateNameByCN "R3";
  $CertificateNameByCN "ISRG Root X1";

Optional to update the scripts automatically:

/system/scheduler/add name="ScriptInstallUpdate" start-time=startup interval=1d on-event=":global ScriptInstallUpdate; \$ScriptInstallUpdate;";

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